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Full text of "Letter from Rev. John P. Ashley to Prof. Myron R. Sanford"

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©encsee Meelcpan Seminar?, 

lima, m. J5. 


Rev. John P. Ashley, S. T, B., Ph. D., 


Xima, in. J3- Am^l l aint 

Pror. J,5n?on R* Sandford, 

MiddlelDury College, 
lELddleltiry, Va*, 

I.fy Dear Sir: 

I desire to ;)oin witli others vdio have already 
vn?itten you in petitioning your honcrahle Doord of Trustees and 
Faculty, for the conferring of the degree of Doctor of Divinity on 
Pastor Edwards of Leipzig. Two years ago I was intimately associated 
with him for seven months in Leipzig. He is a hold, clear, logical 
and safe thlnher; a writer of transparent diction and a preacher with 
hut few superiors among all the ministers of my acquaintance. i have 
never heard such magnificent sermons week after week for so long a time 
as were preached hy him. Your college will confer an honor upon 
itself hy the degree upon so meritorious a candidate. I am 
loth to ask for an honorary degree for any man, hut th-lnk it will he an 
honor to you, and under the peculiar conditions in Leipzig will he 
excoealngly helpful to the '''jngdom of God. 

Respectfully yoursy